Cheap iPad coming in 2018: Cheaper iPad price

Cheaper iPad price

Apple is working on a cheap iPad with 9.7 inch display for 2018. Sources have told us that price of this iPad will be around 260 dollars which makes it about 70 dollars cheaper than the cheapest iPad on sale right now. This cheap iPad will allow Apple to attract new layers of customers who generally have to settle with a cheap android tablet. This very category alone enjoys a sale of around 10 million units.

This new cheaper iPad will on sale in second quarter of 2018 and give tough competition to Samsung, Amazon, Huawei and Lenovo. Apple is also working to launch newer version of iPad Pro tablet that will feature redesigned chassis with slim framework and Face ID to recognize user using their face. There are chances that the iPad Pro 2 will loose home button and fingerprint scanner too. There is no word if the new iPad will have fingerprint scanner or not.

The new cheaper iPad will be outsourced to Compal electronics and printed circuit board will be made by Compeq and Unitech. Neither of the companies have confirmed if they have received orders from Apple regarding this upcoming cheaper iPad. This tablet will definitely give Apple an edge in the budget tablet market over android tablet manufactures.

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