Apple Pay Cash to make its debut in iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad

apple pay cash

There has lots of speculation about the Apple Pay Cash and it looks like that this feature could be making its official debut in iOS 11.2 for iPhone and iPad. Apple employees have been testing the Apple Pay Cash feature from quite sometime now and it has finally made its presence confirmed in the latest iOS 11.2 beta. If you have enrolled into the Apple’s beta software program, you can give this feature a spin already.

The Apple Pay Cash feature will allow you to transfer money from one to another through the built in messages app. So while it is not cross-platform compatible, ie you would not be able to send or receive money from Android users, you will be able to do so with other Apple iPhone and iPad users.

Another thing to keep in mind is Apple Pay Cash requires the other user to be running iOS 11.2 or above so if the other person is not running this OS version, you would not be able to send / receive payment.

Money is send from your linked credit or debit card. The money that you receive can be spent through Apple Pay or transferred to your bank account. If you transfer funds using your debit card, there are no charges. However, there is a 3% fee if you use a credit card. Also, this feature will be made active only in the USA.

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