Apple iOS9 brings hardware keyboard shortcuts

There are myriad hardware keyboards for the Apple iPad. These help us in typing long documents and emails on the move. However we cannot use hardware shortcuts, but fret not as all that is going to change with the iOS9 that will bring hardware keyboard shortcuts to the iPad.

hardware keyboard shortcuts ipad

This means if you are planning to use hardware keyboard with your iPad, you can rest assured that iOS9 will bring all the keyboard shortcut support you ever needed and more. At the WWDC 2015 conference that held few days back, we were shown how nicely certain applications like Apple Pages work with hardware keyboard shortcuts.

You will be able use the generic shortcuts for doing stuff like counting the number of words, finding a keyword and so on. While there are certain keyboards in the markets that have shortcuts, it shall be noted that those are hardwired and thus are limited in terms of functionality. In case an application supports more shortcuts, these keyboards will not be able to support them.

So make sense to put iOS9 on to the iPad and get those keyboards whose shortcuts are not hardwired into the hardware as they will spoil user experience and you will not be able to enjoy the hardware keyboard they way it is meant. Until iOS8, we cannot use keyboard shortcuts like we can on OS X and Windows 8.1 tablets. That all is going to change with iOS 9.

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