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Antitrust settlement proposal from Apple rejected

The district judge of California has rejected 324.5 million dollar anti poaching settlement proposed by Apple. According to CNBC Lucy Koh the judge announced that the amount is below the range of reasonableness.

Apple iPad not banned in China

None of the Apple products including iPad and iPhone have been banned from any Chinese government agencies. This has been confirmed by China’s chief procurement center.

Woman Jailed For iPad Scam

A woman has been jailed in UK for GBP 450,000 Apple iPad scam. She was accused of defrauding hundreds of customers. Kirsty Cox took thousands of orders for the tablet computers between March and December 2012. She was then paid for the iPads, but could not fulfill the (false) promises.

Ipad 5 In Store Renders Pop Up

People who have already started day dreaming about the upcoming Apple iPad 5, rejoice as someone has posted In Store Renders of the how the iPad 5 will look like in Apple store. Like the iPhone 5s gold version, a gold iPad 5 is also shown.

GIPS Defends Ipad Use in Class

A lot of universities are giving away iPad and other tablets to the students so that they carry less books, and are always connected to teachers and other students. However, some parents in GIPS (Grand Island Public School) are raising concerns about use of iPad in the classrooms. Teachers often complain that they catch their […]

Is Apple iPad 3 Still Worth it?

Apple iPad 3 was soon superseded by iPad 4, but does that mean you should not consider it if you are in the market for buying a tablet? Is it still worth it? Read more to find out. I preordered it the day it was announced and paid full price for it. I use it […]