Use iPad to help you manage your website on the move

If you happen to be a web designer with an iPad, there are applications out there that helps you manage your website while you are on the move. So when you are not on your desk, you can use these apps to stay productive.

Use iPad to help you manage your website on the move


This application lets you edit PHP and other web files while you are on the move. It gives you a full featured website development environment. I use Gusto to manage my web design website and it works like a charm. I love it because it ties directly to my website and lets me access FTP server from anywhere.


If your blog runs on WordPress CMS, you can use WordPress for iPad for making or editing posts. You can even moderate comments with the app. All you need is a blog running WP v2.9.2 or higher.

Adobe Ideas

Anyone who wants to be a successful website owner knows that imagery sells in today’s environment. The app, Adobe Ideas lets you design your sketches on the move and lets the site owner transform their ideas into realities.


It is indispensible to have strong social media presence these days and right now Twitter is the most popular social media platform. Twitterrific is the best twitter client for iPad nad lets you interact with the world easily even when you are on the move.