Top alternatives to iPad Air you can buy right now

Apple iPad Air is very popular but the competition is catching up. Several companies have churned out tablets that cost about one-fourth of what the iPad Air retails for.

a33 android tablet

Take the A33 10.1 inch tablet for example. This tablet runs android 4.4 kitkat operating system and costs just $64 dollars at and for that price, you are getting a lot in return. The A33 is powered by a quad core 1.3 GHz processor from Allwinner. For storage, you are mere 8GB but you can easily expand it using micro SD card slot. RAM is 1GB which is good enough for running any android application out there.

pipo w3f

Second on our list is the Pipo W3f 10.1 inch tablet. Priced at $145 at, the Pipo W3f brings ultra high resolution to the table. You get a very powerful processor, 2GB RAM and 32GB of flash storage. Like the A33 android tablet mentioned above, you get micro SD card slot for expanding the internal storage. However, there is another thing that separates the W3f from other android tablet – it can dual boot and run Windows 8 when you want to. This makes it perfect for running your regular x86 windows app and you can then connect all sorts of peripherals to make it run like a normal laptop computer.

chuwi hi10

Third on my list is the Chuwi Hi10. This runs Windows 10 which is the latest operating system from Microsoft. Powered by Atom Z8300 quad core processor, it comes with 64GB storage and whopping 4GB RAM. Screen size is 10.1 inches and like the Pipo W3f, it too has WXGA high resolution display. There are three ports on board – 2x USB and single micro USB port. You can purchase it from for $189.