Compressing Video Files for iPad and other devices

Other than the first generation iPad, all iPad devices come with cameras on the front and back that are capable of recording video. Apple records videos in MOV format that takes up considerable amount of space compared to other codecs like MP4. MP4, like MOV is natively playable on the iPad so, it makes perfect sense of compressing the video files stored on the iPad to MP4. This also applies to most of the camcorders and digital cameras that often leave the video uncompressed. This result in huge file sizes.

Compressing Video Files for iPad

In this tutorial, we will guide how to compress these huge files into more manageable files that reduce the file size but, do not reduce the video quality. There are tons of video compressor applications in the market but the one that we recommend is Movavi video converter. It is super easy to use and brimming with tons of useful features.

To get started, download and install the application from the Movavi’s website. Installation is easy and straight forward and takes only couple of minutes to finish. Now, start the application and click on the “Add Video” present on the top left corner of the app. You can add one video or multiple video as the app supports batch file compression.

Now, choose the video format you want by clicking on the “Convert to” drop down menu. We suggest choosing MP4 since it is playable on almost any media device. That said, the Movavi video converter offers plethora of other video format which may be more suitable for other devices.

After specifying the output format, you can select the destination folder. By default, the output folder is same as the input folder but you can change it by clicking the Browse button.

The Movavi video converter also lets you specify the compression rate. This also modifies the bitrate which is one of the major factors that decides the file size of the output file. As a rule of thumb, higher the bitrate, bigger the file size.

Now, you can click on the Convert button to start the conversion process. Since the application makes use of highly advanced algorithms, the files are converted in very less time. After the conversion process has completed, the output folder containing the compressed files will open.

The Movavi video converter also supports audio and image file conversion. The process is similar to the video conversion process.