How clean and speed up your Apple laptop

Just like any gadget, Mac laptops too have the tendency to run slow after few months of use. Even an Apple iPad starts feeling slower after sometime. The reason behind this is that there are bucketful of junk files stored on your Mac and over a period of time, they start slowing down your laptop or desktop. The main problem lies in finding and deleting these files. Since these are stored in different locations, it is very hard for a normal computer user to find and purge these files.

If you find your mac running slow, the best and easiest way to delete those junk files is by downloading and installing Movavi Mac Cleaner. This award winning application is compatible with all versions of Mac and can be installed on any Apple computer, be it, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook, iMac, macbook pro and so on.

Installation is easy and straight forward. Just drag the DMG file from downloaded folder to the Application icon present on the dock. Doing this will install the Movavi mac cleaner on your computer automatically. Now launch the app. Keep in mind that you will require administrative permissions are required for installation.

Movavi Mac Cleaner review

You will find that the moment you fired the app, it starts scanning your hard disk for junk and unnecessary files. After the process has completed, the app will show you the amount of space gobbled up by these useless files. You can start the cleaning process by tapping on the Start Cleaning button located at the bottom of application window. This auto clean function is offered to you after the scanning process has completed. If you have trouble understanding English, you can click on the Gearwheel button and choose your desired language.

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Other nifty features of the Mac cleaner include ability to find duplicate files, large and old files and start up optimization. Latter lets you keep an eye on app that load after booting up of operating system. These make the booting process longer. If you are advanced user, you can do specific cleanup by using the System Cleanup option. Here you will find switches to do away with specific types of files.

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Another very useful tool is Uninstaller tool that allows you to get rid of apps you do not use and leftover files left after a poorly-done uninstallation procedure.

While Mac computers are more stable than a windows computer, they still require cleaning every now and then to keep them lag-less and clutter-free. For this, Movavi Mac Cleaner is the best tool to sweep your Mac clean.