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Movavi Photo Noir review

It is a well known fact that black and white adds classic glamour to your existing photos and there is no better way to do it than the Movavi Photo Noir. This application is available for windows and it offers state of art solution for generating wonderful black and white pictures from color pictures.

How clean and speed up your Apple laptop

Just like any gadget, Mac laptops too have the tendency to run slow after few months of use. Even an Apple iPad starts feeling slower after sometime. The reason behind this is that there are bucketful of junk files stored on your Mac and over a period of time, they start slowing down your laptop […]

Cheap accessories for your iPad

Holiday season is approaching so we thought of making a list of cheap accessories you can buy for your iPad right now. First on our list is the multi functional triangle stand. It is compatible with iPad Mini 2 / iPad 2 / 3 / 4 / iPad Mini or any 7 inch tablet. You […]

Top alternatives to iPad Air you can buy right now

Apple iPad Air is very popular but the competition is catching up. Several companies have churned out tablets that cost about one-fourth of what the iPad Air retails for.

What to Do When You Forgot iPhone Backup Password after Upgrading iOS 9

Forgot the password to unlock iTunes backup after iOS 9 upgrade? Trying to restore from iTunes backup after iOS 9 upgrade but iTunes keeps asking for a password to unlock your backup password?

Compressing Video Files for iPad and other devices

Other than the first generation iPad, all iPad devices come with cameras on the front and back that are capable of recording video. Apple records videos in MOV format that takes up considerable amount of space compared to other codecs like MP4. MP4, like MOV is natively playable on the iPad so, it makes perfect […]