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HP Pro Slate 8 Review, a great alternative to iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini is the best selling 8 inch tablet out there but its alternatives are increasing everyday and is facing great competition from likes of Acer, HP and Lenovo. The latest iPad alternative is the HP Pro Slate 8 that joins the growing band of business devices to take a bit of iPad Mini’s marketshare.

HP Pro Slate 8 Review

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Apple iOS9 brings hardware keyboard shortcuts

There are myriad hardware keyboards for the Apple iPad. These help us in typing long documents and emails on the move. However we cannot use hardware shortcuts, but fret not as all that is going to change with the iOS9 that will bring hardware keyboard shortcuts to the iPad.

hardware keyboard shortcuts ipad

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Floating Window on iPad for Facetime and Video with iOS9

The iOS9 brings a new feature called floating window on the Apple iPad and it brings features like split screen multitasking and floating windows resembling windows management on OS X. This means you can watch a video while doing web browsing and so on.

Floating Window on iPad for Facetime and Video with iOS9

So how to do it? Well, since it is an iPad, it is easy to do. Just press the Home button and while watching a video and it will minimize in to the corner.

It shall be noted that it works only with streaming videos and not with videos taken from your iPad. Once the video is there, you can use the tablet like you normally do.

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Galaxy Tab vs iPad which is one to go for?

If you are in the market to buy a tablet, then there are two tablets to choose from, either the Apple iPad or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4. These two are completely different species. The Apple iPad caters to those who are into Apple eco system. For instance if you own an iPhone, then the iPad will entice you.


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Manage application data storage on iPad easily

Do know how much space is free on your iPad and how many applications you have installed on your phone? How much space is occupied by them? We will teach you how to manage application data storage on your iPad easily.

manage app data ipad

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Apple iPad Pro production delayed, to start in September

Previously we thought that the Apple iPad Pro will be released along side iPad Mini but it appears that its production has been postponed to sometime in September. Apple was set to start the production of iPad Pro in first quarter of 2015.

ipad pro

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