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PDF to Word for iPad: Take Your Work With You

PDF and Word – the two most used file formats. Both invented in the early days of digitizing documents, these file formats are now common ingredients in everyone’s daily tasks.

By themselves they are perfectly harmless, but there are a few ways that they can pose a threat to your productivity. The issue usually occurs when you have to convert your PDF files to Word.

PDF to Word for iPad

The problem behind that is that the PDF is not easily editable, since it was originally made to be a safe way of viewing, storing and sharing documents. These days we are letting our beloved iPads help us with work and that usually involves keeping a bunch of PDF files on them as well. Which simply means we have to arm ourselves with useful apps.

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Logitech releases AnyAngle case for iPad Mini

Let us face it, Apple iPad tablets are very delicate and require you to use a case if you wish to keep them in pristine condition. However not of all us like making our gadgets bulky, so Logitech has released a case called AnyAngle that gives your iPad the protection it needs.

logitech anyangle ipad mini

The Logitech AnyAngle case for the iPad Mini gives it ample protection plus it also functions as stand when you want to watch movie on your iPad or read a book.

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Papers Please to release their app for iPad

Developer behind “Papers Please” application has teased the iPad crowd by releasing a screenshot of their upcoming iPad application. It is due for arrive this week.

papers please ipad

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Best Buy reduces iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini prices by $100

Looks like black friday deals are not yet over at Best Buy as it is still offering some insanely nice deals for its hottest products. As I write this article, the electronic vendor is offering 50 dollar discount to the iPad Air 2 which means you can grab the 16GB wifi model for mere 449 and cellular model for 579 dollars.

best buy ipad air 2

The 64GB wifi-only model is going for 549 dollars. The top end 64GB 4G model is on sale for 779 dollars.

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SiriusXM And WSI releases Wireless Weather For iPad

SiriusXM Aviation has released a new 699 dollar SXAR1 portable weather broadcaster and entertainment receiver that is capable of wirelessly streaming WSI weather data to the Apple iPad. This eliminates the ened of having a portable GPS and separate display.

SiriusXM And WSI releases Wireless Weather For iPad

WSI makes use of its own weather data and in case you do not know Pilotbrief Optima for iPad was born from WSI’s desktop programs, which are used for commercial flight planning. 

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Repairing an Apple Mac – Things to consider

If you’ve purchased an Apple Mac, you should be aware that your computer comes with some built in support coverages in case something goes wrong. Almost all Apple products come with a minimum of a one year limited warranty and 90 days of complimentary hardware phone support. Although the warranty will cover most things, you will probably not want to pay for the costs of Apples official hardware repairs as this can be very costly, looking for a local company such as support from CyberCall computer repair and their apple mac repairs in Bristol can often help with the problem for just a fraction of the cost. This will also become beneficial for time, with a lack of waiting around. But how much would it cost?

Repairing an Apple Mac

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