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Download Coast web browser, a web browser by Opera For iPad

Software company, Opera has churned out a brand new web browser called Coast designed specifically for the Apple iPad. Opera claims that Coast browser will be a game changer.

coast opera download ipad

"We’ve cracked the code and have now launched a truly outstanding web experience on tablets. This is not a mere mobile browser tweak, nor a scaled-down PC browser. It is something new”, Opera’s Norway branch said.

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Royal Brunei Becomes First Airlines To Offer iPad Mini to its Business Passengers

RB Airlines, short for Royal Brunei Airlines has become the first airline service to offer Apple iPad Mini as inflight entertainment devices to its business class passengers. These iPad Mini tablets will come pre-loaded with latest movies, 4 entertaining TV channels, 10 Audio ‘CD’ files and 20 games to keep the business passengers entertained.

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July 27 2013: Best iPad Apps

Here is the list of best and top iPad applications for today, July 27, 2013.

best ipad apps audio midi connect

1. MIDImorphosis – This iPad app lets you convert your recordings into MIDI notes. They can then be used on iOS synthesizers or sent to external equipment. Its price has been reduced from $4.99 to $1.99.

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Maddox’s iPad Thief Arrested

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s son, Maddox had his Apple iPad stolen in Bellflower, California, while playing at the Hollywood Sports Paintball Park. Their son was with his friends and family bodyguard when a man broke into their SUV and stole their iPad and cell phone.

maddox ipad

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iPhone Kills a Chinese

Looks like death is the iPhone’s latest feature as a Chinese women was killed by her iPhone 5. Chinese press says that the incident happened when she answered a call while the phone was charging.

iPhone Kills a Chinese

The lady, whose name is Ma Ailum was a flight attendant with China Southern Airlines and was just 23 years old. Her sister tweeted on Sina’s microbloging website saying that her sister was electrocuted when she answered the call on the charging iPhone.

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Nexus 10 China Price Specs

The Nexus 10 is now finally available in China with a price tag of 3216 Yuan. The tablet is powered by Exynos 5250 quad core processor and runs Android 4.2 operating system. Beijing’s Kang Hui Tong Trade Co is teh company you should approach if you are interested in buying it.

nexus 10 china

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