iPad mini case: Shockdrop

Shockdrop case is a rugged case for the iPad Mini. It is made for rubber and polycarbonate that has 10mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners. Also included in the package is a semi-rigid screen protector and tear proof flaps. Do not worry as it does not makes it bulky. You will still be able to slip it inside a bag or enterprise charging cart. Here are its features:

shockdrop ipad mini case

10mm of silicon shock absorbing four-corner protection, slimming to 6mm of overall body shock protection
Molded-in Volume Up and Down Indications
Rip Proof Port Covers. Thick so they stick, fit, and don’t rip
Semi-Rigid Screen Protector to take a beating
No-Slip Grip texture

Prices start at 50 dollars and available colors include black and red.

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