iPad Mini cases: Sena Envy, Jornal, Florence, Folio

Sena has released four iPad mini cases and as usual, they are very expensive – some even 1/3 the price of iPad Mini itself! First is Envy that is marketed for the fashion minded people. It has a very slim design; features multi purpose pocket; 4 slot card holder and have all the buttons and charging ports accessible. Available in red, black and grey. Costs 120 dollars.

sena ipad mini

Second is Jornal that well, looks and feel like a typical journal. Costs 90 dollars.

jornal sena

Florence for iPad mini is strictly a simple yet elegant folio case. Inside, it has soft velvet lining with light protective layer. Costs 80 dollars and comes in four different colors – black, orange, red and brown.

flourence ipad mini sena

Folio is same as Florence but uses a different way of keeping the lid closed. Costs 80 dollars and four colors – black, orange, red and brown. Find entire portfolio here.