Belkin iPad Mini cases: Chambray Tab, Quilted, Striped, Dot, Classic

Belkin is one of the key manufactures of iPad cases. It released an iPad 3 case immediately after its new tablet was unveiled. Now, it has rolled out five new iPad Mini cases.
Chambray Tab Cover with Stand for iPad mini – a folio type case available in four colors – blue, pink, brown and black. Costs 30 dollars.

khaki ipad mini case

Classic Tab Cover with Stand for iPad mini – This looks quite similar to the Chambray Tab cover except for the fact that the second part of the lid is made from leather. Available in 3 colors – pink, purple and black and costs 30 dollars.

belkin ipad mini case

Striped Cover with Stand for iPad mini – It is similar to the above ones but adds additional functionality of being used as a stand. Costs 40 dollars.

belkin case built in stand ipad mini

Quilted Cover with Stand for iPad mini – If you like covers like Smartjacket (for iPad mini from X-Doria),then you will also love this Quilted case. Costs 40 dollars and available in red, black and cream.

quilted ipad mini case

Dot Cover with Stand for iPad mini – This has just like Striped cover with stand for iPad mini but has dotted pattern in the first portion of the case as shown in the image given below. Costs 40 dollars and comes in two colors – black and grey.

dot cover ipad mini

Find all Belkin’s portfolio here.

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