The best Math educational apps for iPad

We have started a new series of compilations of apps, this time dedicated to the world of education for children. In this post, we will highlight the best educational apps in mathematics in both English and Spanish, that will help your children to not only to understand Maths but enjoy it.

The best Math educational apps for iPad

List of apps from Mac Graw Hill.

Math educational apps for iPad

And we also have the following free apps in English:

In Spanish we have the following free apps :

  • The king of mathematics : if you think the smartass, I challenge you to prove you’re the king of mathematics
  • Math Tutor : like having a tutor beside you will be guided by the less intuitive aspects of this "bone" of course.
  • Mathematics 3-4 years old : Learning to count, from visualesy sound stimuli. Balloons dice allow vehicles or animals learn to count to 10 in a fun way.
  • Math Ninja Lite : is a fun and interesting game for children ages 6 to 12 to learn and practice math skills .
  • The train of mathematics . since 4 years to learn to count to 100 You learn from sounds and images, and is available in six different languages
  • Multiply by zero : all about multiplication tables (for children).
  • Motion Math Zoom : negative and decimal numbers inclusive, associating them with visual aids.
  • Speed ​​mathematics : go, go! you’re already taking to calculate.
  • Sumon : helping children become kings of sums, with the usual quality that give us guys Ideateca .
  • Mental calculation : How much is 7 x (4 + 9)? Have you taken more than five seconds? This can be improved. The  Mental Calculation  allows you to train this kind of problem.
  • AB Math Expert : Children love and progress in  mathematics  fun. Parents having fun  AB Math Expert – Challenge and calculation  speed.

Now you cannot say there are no Maths apps for iPad.