PDF to Word for iPad: Take Your Work With You

PDF and Word – the two most used file formats. Both invented in the early days of digitizing documents, these file formats are now common ingredients in everyone’s daily tasks.

By themselves they are perfectly harmless, but there are a few ways that they can pose a threat to your productivity. The issue usually occurs when you have to convert your PDF files to Word.

PDF to Word for iPad

The problem behind that is that the PDF is not easily editable, since it was originally made to be a safe way of viewing, storing and sharing documents. These days we are letting our beloved iPads help us with work and that usually involves keeping a bunch of PDF files on them as well. Which simply means we have to arm ourselves with useful apps.

One of the apps that can help you take your work with you is Cometdocs’ PDF to Word.co

This iOS app accurately converts PDF files without any limits to the file size, which is a perk of just a small number of converter apps. Let’s have a closer look.

What does it offer?

PDF to Word does just what the name says. It is a free-to-use app which converts PDF files to Word, with an emphasis on maintaining the layout of the original document. The converted file will then be available for editing in both MS Word and Google Docs. Aside from that, there is a no-limit file size feature for all types of users, which can be really useful if an occasional app user wants to convert an entire PDF document.

How does it work?

PDF to Word is very simple to use, and you can convert your PDF file in two quick steps:

1) Open your PDF file and click on the Information. Select Open In and find PDF to Word app.


2) The app will open and your conversion will start. You will be notified when the conversion finishes so you can access the file and start editing it right away.

The conversion shouldn’t take long to complete and it must be noted that there is a short waiting period for free users, which is there so everyone can receive high quality conversions, regardless of the number of conversions in queue. Although this does the job for occasional users, people who frequently need to convert PDFs will definitely opt for the premium version which converts files instantly and lasts for a lifetime. It’s important to mention that the premium version supports switching between your iOS devices, which means that you will keep your user status regardless of the device you use.