July 27 2013: Best iPad Apps

Here is the list of best and top iPad applications for today, July 27, 2013.

best ipad apps audio midi connect

1. MIDImorphosis – This iPad app lets you convert your recordings into MIDI notes. They can then be used on iOS synthesizers or sent to external equipment. Its price has been reduced from $4.99 to $1.99.


2. Exigo – This lets you organize your business’ invoices, bills, tasks and sales. Here are its features. [link] Normally costs $3.99 but reduced to $2.99.

Keep track of sales and send customers their receipts via email.
Create estimates for potential customers.
Manage your bills, both paid and bills that are due in the near future. Bills with due dates will create a reminder, when that bill is paid, that bill will be organized with all of the paid bills.
Create tasks for future clients, set date and time, a description of the tasks and a location.


3. Fingle – This is a twister game but for your fingers. It is great as an ice breaker. Its background music makes this iPad game more interesting. Costs $0.99, reduced from $1.99. [link]

fingle ipad download

4. Fluke HD – This is an action filled board game that combines Ludu and Snakes & Ladders game. Normally costs $1.99 but recued to $0.99. [link]

fluke hd ipad download ipa

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