Download Coast web browser, a web browser by Opera For iPad

Software company, Opera has churned out a brand new web browser called Coast designed specifically for the Apple iPad. Opera claims that Coast browser will be a game changer.

coast opera download ipad

"We’ve cracked the code and have now launched a truly outstanding web experience on tablets. This is not a mere mobile browser tweak, nor a scaled-down PC browser. It is something new”, Opera’s Norway branch said.

Head of Coast project says,

“Websites and apps today invite you to interact in new ways, but browser design for tablets has not pushed to liberate itself from the influence it has experienced from its computer and mobile phone cousins.”

Opera web browser is very popular among mobile web browser market and is often considered the best browser in feature phones. Smart phones like iPhone and Windows Phones have their own web browsers (Safari and Internet Explorer respectively) and thus, this market is difficult to crack.

coast ipad download

Opera says, "Old conventions are out with Coast: There is no URL field at the top of the screen, no back or forward buttons, no tabs and no bookmarks. Yet, it all flows naturally and blends into the use of the iPad.".

Download Coast from here.