Best Social and Instant Messaging Apps For iPad

Here are the best social media and instant messaging applications for iPad. Fill your iPad or iPad mini with the best software available in the Apple App Store.

Best Social and Instant Messaging Apps For iPad


Tweetbot  (2.39 €): the most valued by users. Now up to you, if you want to spend € 2.39 worth.
Echofon : was once widely used. Yet it still retains some of its grandeur.
Twitter  official app: once the qualify of Killer app , now no longer would write the same.Still, it remains a good choice.
Skype : a MUST in all iPad.
Beejive for GoogleTalk : a very good choice for Google Talk.
IM + : the most comprehensive and inclusive of apps for instant messaging. Can almost include any IM you have or you had.


StreamToMe  ($ 2.99): project emerged   ServeToM and is a streaming for just about anything you want to see / hear on your iPad.
Plex  ($ 4.99) + Plex Media Server (it’s a remote Plex): A legendary center half for iOS and our iPads.
Explayer Lite / OplayerHD Lite  ($ 3.99): culture in more formats and an option over stream.