Applications to take audio notes with the iPad

There are many application on app store that let you take audio notes with the Apple iPad. We will mention the best ones in this post.

Applications to take audio notes with the iPad

Audioboo (free on the appstore). It is the best way to record audio on the iPad. With the free version, you can create audio files of up to 3 minutes duration. Additionally, you can add titles, tags, and geo location information before uploading to the network.

Recordium (0.89 €): Perhaps the most commonly used audio notes app on app store. Allows user to highlight the track during playback or while recording audio, which helps to focus on the most important parts of your recordings.

Soundnote (4.49 €): This application aims to be the best way to take notes in meetings, conferences and interviews. It tracks what you type and draw while recording audio. During playback, simply tap a word to jump to a particular position.

Audio Memos : Audio Notes (free in the appstore, 0.89 € for the full version): The most important features of this application is that you can increase volume, normalize it, edit the recordings and more.

Hope you enjoy them.