iPad 3: View Flash content, play games

Even the new iPad has two very powerful cores and quad core graphics, Apple still has not asked Adobe to make flash plugin for their Safari web browser. This means you cannot view any flash content inside Safari. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways with which you can not only view flash video but also play flash games.


First is by dumping Safari web browser all together and using Skyfire for any website that makes use of Flash to show video. Skyfire works only with flash video and processes the content on the company’s server; converts it into HTML5/H.264 video and then streams it on to your iPad. [skyfire]


If you want to play online games, the best way is to install iSwifter. If you are a pro-user, I recommend using VNC app called Screens. For this, you need to install Screens’ server app on your computer and its client app on the iPad. This solution gives you full desktop Safari browser on your iPad. Drawback? You cannot view video by using this method – only sound is supported. [Screens]

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