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Best travel magazines for iPad: Best iPad magazines for road trip

So which are the best travel worth travel magazines for iPad. Going on a road trip, here are the best iPad magazines you might want to download before stepping out of the house.

Download iTunes 12.3, adds iOS9 support

Apple has just churned out the new iTunes 12.3. Designed for OS X EI Capitan, it brings iOS9 support and improves Apple Music accessibility over Voice Over. It also resolves a problem that prevented reordering of songs within Up Next. 

Apple to axe 16GB iPad from the lineup

Rumors are brewing that Apple iPad 2 will be the last Apple tablet to feature 16GB of built-in storage. While the company is yet to make a formal announcement about it, it has increased the size of the largest iOS apps permitted on the App Store from 2GB to 4GB.

PDF to Word for iPad: Take Your Work With You

PDF and Word – the two most used file formats. Both invented in the early days of digitizing documents, these file formats are now common ingredients in everyone’s daily tasks. By themselves they are perfectly harmless, but there are a few ways that they can pose a threat to your productivity. The issue usually occurs […]

Papers Please to release their app for iPad

Developer behind “Papers Please” application has teased the iPad crowd by releasing a screenshot of their upcoming iPad application. It is due for arrive this week.

Apps to measure and design houses with iPad

With these applications you will turn your iPad into a professional measurement tool: Easy Measure  (free) EasyMeasure shows the distance seen through the camera lens objects from your iPhone or iPad. Just point your iPhone / iPad to any object in your environment, and EasyMeasure shows the distance to the object at the top of […]