iPad Ergotech VersaStand review

Ergotech is best know for its amazing computer mounts, but not many know that it also makes some wonderful cases for the iPad. Their case is called the Versastand and fully lives up to its name as it offers versatility that is not found in the iPad stands we have reviewed so far.

iPad Ergotech VersaStand review

That said, we strongly feel that Ergotech has priced it a bit too high for our liking. Priced at 99 dollars, it includes 3 pieces where the first is a desk stand made of aluminum.

iPad Ergotech VersaStand

The stands normally cost 30 dollars and it raises your tablet by 3.5 inches. Versastand’s joints allow the user to view and type at a comfortable angle. It also allows the user to rotate the iPad around its axis. You can find the stand 20 dollars less than the asking price.

iPad Ergotech VersaStand test

Some other features:
Secure stability for your iPad
Displays iPad at optimal ergonomic, glare-free viewing angles
360 degree rotation for portrait and landscape viewing
First foldable, removable stand folds to slightly over 1” thick
First portable iPad stand for easy transport
Stowable for mobile professionals and students
Fully articulating arm simplifies still photography, video, and Facetime
Weighs slightly over a half pound
Great for interactive presentations
Silver finish matches iPad