Best iPad 4 Stylus

So you have the Apple iPad 4 soon and you have been wondering which is the best stylus for taking notes and making drawings on the iPad 4. Here are the ones that we recommend:

1. Wacom Bamboo Stylus
wacom bamboo ipad

2. Studio Neat Cosmonaut – This is great for diagramming. However, it not so good for writing though.
Studio Neat Cosmonaut ipad

3. Applydea Maglus
Applydea Maglus ipad 4 stylus

4. Adonit Jot Touch: The pressure sensitivity is nice, but even if the app you’re using don’t support it, the spring-loaded tip is great.
Adonit Jot Touch ipad stylus

5. Gosmart stylus: The Gosmart is much quieter than Jot Touch and it does not scratches the screen protector. The spring is flexible and lets you tilt around in most angles. Precision is also better. iPad Targus stylus review.

Gosmart stylus ipad 4

best ipad 4 stylus

However, the best one still is Wacom stylus which also comes with an excellent note / sketching app which is free to download.
Another excellent choice is Jot Pro as it extremely accurate. Since it is magnetic as well, it attaches itself to the iPad.