Apple Pencil Battery Replacement is not possible

It is not possible to get to the battery of the Apple Pencil without damaging it but still Apple is offering a battery replacement service for the Apple Pencil for 29 dollars on their website. So does Apple know what we do not know?

Apple Pencil Battery Replacement

Considering how much the Apple Pencil costs, it sounds perfectly fine for the Apple to send a new one for 29 dollars. This could very well be the true cost of the one replacement of a Pencil. That is why Apple charges you three times to earn a profit even after including price of one replacement.

Also, the insiders at Apple knew the fail rate of battery inside the Pencil and that is why whenever someone asks them for replacing the tiny battery inside the Apple Pencil, they just send a new pencil.

Earlier, there were some rumors that Apple might be sending a refurbished pencil but those rumors came out to be false. So, if the battery of your Apple Pencil has failed, you can be rest assured that once you pay Apple 29 dollars, you will be getting a new one in return, not a refurbished. Simple reason – there is no way to perform battery replacement of Apple Pencil.