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iPad Keyboard Folio Review: Logitech FabricSkin

We have not seen a lot of action in the iPad accessories arena lately chiefly due to the fact that iPad 4’s dimensions were same as the iPad 3 (almost). Logitech has now churned out FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for 150 dollars. It packs a hardware keyboard that lets you type documents on the move.

iPad Ergotech VersaStand review

Ergotech is best know for its amazing computer mounts, but not many know that it also makes some wonderful cases for the iPad. Their case is called the Versastand and fully lives up to its name as it offers versatility that is not found in the iPad stands we have reviewed so far. That said, […]

Logitech iPad Mini Keyboard Review

Logitech has released a new keyboard for the Apple iPad Mini. Aptly called the Ultra Thin keyboard mini, it measures mere 7.3mm and weighs 220 grams. The keyboard connects via Bluetooth and features 3 months battery life. The company assumes you will be using it for 2 hours daily.

Best iPad 4 Stylus

So you have the Apple iPad 4 soon and you have been wondering which is the best stylus for taking notes and making drawings on the iPad 4. Here are the ones that we recommend: 1. Wacom Bamboo Stylus

Tango TT Review

Tango TT is an iPad accessory from XtremeMac. It allows the user to both play the music and charge the iPad at the same time. Unlike a typical dock, the TT (not to confused with Audi TT), places a tray that holds the tablet in the middle of the speakers. The iPad can be used […]

Elecom iPad 3 Dock

The mono speaker of iPad 3 is nice but not loud enough if you want to share a video with a group of people. iPad speaker docks are great but almost all burn a huge hole in our pockets – yes, I am looking at you Harman Kardon Soundsticks and Brookstone speaker dock. Elecom is […]