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ARM Cortex A12 for Apple A7 CPU

Apple has always adopted the latest ARM architecture for its Apple branded processors and there is high possibility that the Cupertino giant may adopt the ARM Cortex A12 architecture for the iPad 5 and iPhone 6. While the ARM Cortex A15 is very powerful and is great at handling complex webpages and anything CPU intensive, […]

Download SkyDrive Pro for iPad

Microsoft has released Skydrive Pro for iPad and other iOS devices. Looks like the company was not content after releasing Office 365 app for the iPhone. The Skydrive Pro is, as expected only for the Office 365 users. The app can thus store work related files.

iPad Keyboard Folio Review: Logitech FabricSkin

We have not seen a lot of action in the iPad accessories arena lately chiefly due to the fact that iPad 4’s dimensions were same as the iPad 3 (almost). Logitech has now churned out FabricSkin Keyboard Folio for 150 dollars. It packs a hardware keyboard that lets you type documents on the move.

Best 2013 Father Day iPad App List

Mark June 16 2013 on your calendar because that day is Father’s day. This day is even more observed if you live in US, UK or any European nation. Here is a great list of apps you might want to install on your iPad to prepare yourself for father’s day.

File Management iPad App: Drag N Sync Review

Drag N Sync is a iPad app that is a file management app for iPad, just like Goodreader for iPhone and iPad. The application is developed by AppSophic LLC and has nothing to do with the Nsync group.

Best iPad News App: Sky News

Sky News has received best app award for the online media news category. Strong 18 panel experts announced these awards in which Sky News, Al Jazeera, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Times, CNN, New York Times, Channel 4 / ITN, ITV, Sunday Times, BBC and Reuters were present.