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Pocket adds Send to Friend feature

Pocket app for iPad, previously known as ReadItLater has been updated, which adds Send to Friend feature that is a new way to share with the people who matter to you. It basically lets you share a link via email from the Pocket app itself. In case, they are a Pocket user, they will asked […]

Download Investec Mobile Banking app

South African bank, Investec has released a mobile banking app for the iPad users. The app is clearly aimed at the higher end of the market and allows the users to view balances and make payments online.

16GB iPad Mini Walmart Price

If you had your nuts on the starting model of the Apple iPad Mini, Walmart is now selling one for 30 dollars less than the official price. Walmart price for the 16GB iPad Mini is just 299 dollars. While the 30 dollars is not a lot of saving but it is something, right?