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iPad Mini Felt Sleeve Review

I bought myself the Felt Sleeve for my iPad Mini from ebay. Here is its review. The Felt Sleeve is very similar to the Mujje Sleeve we reviewed for the iPad Mini minus the leather part. I am impressed with the built quality of the iPad Mini sleeve and it has an amazing feel to […]

Kavaj Berlin iPad 4 case Review

Kavaj makes pretty amazing cases. The one we will reviewing today is Kavaj Berlin. The case is made to custom fit iPad 3 and iPad 4. The case is made entirely of leather. Shipping was very fast and it took only 4 days for Kavaj to deliver me the Berlin case.

Smart Flip Review for iPad Mini

There is a new flip case for the iPad Mini and this time, it is from Simplism. The case is called Smart Flip and it is similar to the design of original iPad where you used to slide in the iPad instead of placing it in the curled holder.

iPad Mini: Mujjo Sleeve Review

I always prefer using sleeves instead of cases to protect my iPad Mini. The new Mujjo sleeve is gorgeous but is quite expensive for a sleeve. Priced at 45 Euros / 59 dollars, it will turn heads wherever you take it. The case is available with either brown or white leather flap with matching strap […]