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iPad Mini cases: Sena Envy, Jornal, Florence, Folio

Sena has released four iPad mini cases and as usual, they are very expensive – some even 1/3 the price of iPad Mini itself! First is Envy that is marketed for the fashion minded people. It has a very slim design; features multi purpose pocket; 4 slot card holder and have all the buttons and […]

Belkin iPad Mini cases: Chambray Tab, Quilted, Striped, Dot, Classic

Belkin is one of the key manufactures of iPad cases. It released an iPad 3 case immediately after its new tablet was unveiled. Now, it has rolled out five new iPad Mini cases. Chambray Tab Cover with Stand for iPad mini – a folio type case available in four colors – blue, pink, brown and […]

iPad mini case: Shockdrop

Shockdrop case is a rugged case for the iPad Mini. It is made for rubber and polycarbonate that has 10mm of shock absorbing silicon at the corners. Also included in the package is a semi-rigid screen protector and tear proof flaps. Do not worry as it does not makes it bulky. You will still be […]

iPad Mini cases: Smartstyle, Dash Folio, Sleevestand, Smartjacket, Engage

X-Doria has released five cases for the iPad Mini. First is Engage that works best for those who have already bought the new smart cover for their tablet. Engage protects the back which is not protected by the smart cover. It comes in two colors – black and white. Cost 20 dollars. Smartstyle for iPad […]

iPad Mini cases: Skinny Mini, Grip Mini, Marquee

STM, a popular iPad accessory maker has released three new iPad cases. Let us take a look at them. First is the Skinny Mini that goes for 35 dollars. It protects your iPad mini and also does the duty of a stand. It covers the back of the tablet and thus protects its scratch prone […]

iPad Mini Sprint Plans

Sprint is now offering new 4G tablet data plans for the iPad 4 and iPad Mini and the plans go like these: 300MB/$14.99, 3GB/$34.99, 6GB/$49.99, and 12GB for $79.99. Activation fees have been waived for a limited time but will be back soon. There are 10 and 15  dollars offers for the those who already […]