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iPad 3: View Flash content, play games

Even the new iPad has two very powerful cores and quad core graphics, Apple still has not asked Adobe to make flash plugin for their Safari web browser. This means you cannot view any flash content inside Safari. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways with which you can not only view flash video but […]

Landscape document in Pages app

Pages is one of the most useful apps for the iPad it allows the user to view and edit office files right on the device itself. However, most users have been asking Apple to add more paper sizes and landscape document support, but their request was not given any heed. Fortunately, there is a way […]

iPad 3 4G Facetime

I have a disappointing news for the ones that are looking forward to buy themselves iPad 3 – it does not supports Facetime over 4G LTE. Cupertino company has restricted this feature to Wireless LAN only, which means that users will again have to jailbreak their tablet or wait for 3rd party manufactures to make […]

iPad 3 Optimized apps

The new iPad, aka, iPad 3 is now available and it is natural that the early adopters will definitely like to check the apps specifically optimized for the new iPad. Here is the list of apps that have already been optimized for the super high resolution of iPad 3.

Scosche iPad 3 Sport case

Scosche does not want to lag behind Belkin (which also released iPad 3 case today) and has rolled out SportKase (case) for the iPad 3. It is made of tough polycarbonate exterior and rubber interior that will make sure to protect your iPad against drops and wear and tear. The company will be making it […]

Belkin iPad 3 Case

Belkin has already rolled out a slew of new accessories for the iPad 3 and one of those is the new keyboard case which is great for those who are planning to use their iPad to input text or watch videos. The new case is called Belkin Your Type Folio and would retail for 99 […]