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iLuv iPad 2 Portfolio Case

The new professional workstation portfolio case looks extremely nice, thanks to its black leather. This case from iLuv utilizes Bluetooth technology and its cover bends back very easily.

Brookstone iPad speaker dock

Brookstone is now offering a new speaker dock station for the iPad. The dock is very portable and promises to deliver an amazing sound experience for your music and movies pleasure. Features like foldable leg stand makes it different from other speaker docks.

iPad OneNote download

Microsoft has finally released a iPad optimized version of OneNote. For those who do not know, OneNote is an excellent note taking app for the iOS devices that lets users capture tasks and ideas on-the-move with text, bullets, checkboxes and pictures.

iPad remove Recent Apps

Multi tasking was introduced in iOS 4 in iPad. You might have noticed that every time you launch an app, it shows up in the task switcher even if it is not running. Annoyingly, Apple does not provides any option to remove the  recent apps that you just ran on your iPad. Fortunately, there is […]

iPad 2 Duct Tape Magnetic Jacket

Here is a nice kickstarter project about a case that features front and back protection. The case utilizes magnets to secure the iPad to the jacket. Here are its features: Zagg keys pro review

iPad 3 4G Release Date

Apple is rumored to be preparing to release an iPad 3 with built in 4G radio. It is also being said that iPad 3 LTE will be released on the Japan’s Docomo cellular network. Concrete release date is not available but it is slated to be launched sometime in summer next year (2012). This sounds […]