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XtremeMac Microshied SC, SCL iPad 2 Case

XtremeMac has unveiled a couple of new cases for the iPad 2. They are called SC and SCL and both offer full compatibility with the smart cover. The aluminum back of the iPad catches scratches easily and both of these cases do an excellent job in protecting it.

Skinny iPad 2 Case

A case called SKINNY has been released by a start up company that claims to have produced a case that is the slimmest and lightest iPad 2 case in the world that has integrated wireless keyboard as well. Yes, we believe them since the keyboard is mere 0.07 inches thick.

Tom Tom native iPad support

TomTom has rolled out an update for its iOS apps which has brought native iPad support and myriad of UI based improvements. The new update (v1.9) brings full screen support with advanced lane guidance view. Since this is a universal update, if you happen to own an iPhone copy, you will be able to download […]

Logitech Air Speaker for iPad

Logitech Air Speaker for iPad and other iOS devices was spotted on Amazon’s site. This Air Speaker is an audio solution for airplay technology lovers that streams music from iPad over Wi-Fi.

Face Detection on iPad

Juicy Bits, the software house behind the halftone has released v1.6.5 update that brings the new face detection feature to the table. The app can also share images with Instagram, Camera , FX Photo Studio, Color Splash, and other PhotoAppLink-compatible apps

iPad 3 Production

According to an online report, Apple has already told its manufactures to start making the iPad 3. The Cupertino company has asked them to make up to 1 million of these amazing tablets in Q4 2011.